In 1994, the big event of the year was obviously getting to see The Lion King in theatres and crying when Mufasa died. Be Prepared!


Once I started to develop my own tastes in music, 1994 was about as far as I went back in any real capacity so from now I'll be listing 10 albums.

Rank Album Artist Title Label Impression
1 Various Artists The Liong King Soundtrack Walt Disney

The Lion King is my favorite Disney animated movie and I know this soundtrack better than any other. Ingonyama nengw enamabala! (Oh yes it’s a lion).

2 Sunny Day Real Estate Diary Sub Pop

The second wave of emo has arrived, but not quite midwest emo since the band is from Seattle.

3 Rancid Let's Go Epitaph

Rancid's second album which like most Rancid albums has too many songs on it, but does have Radio co-written with Billie Joe from Green Day.

4 Mephiskapheles God Bless Satan Moon Ska Records

A satanic ska band? Yes! Also featuring The Bumblebee Tuna Song.

5 blink-182 Buddha Kung Fu Records

blink-182's first album before they added the 182 to their name and featuring the track Carousel.

6 Jawbreaker 24 Hour Revenge Therapy Tupelo

You're not punk and I'm telling everyone.

7 NOFX Punk in Drublic Epitaph

NOFX hits a high point in their career with the release of this album and Linoleum.

8 The Toasters Dub 56 Moon Ska

That saxophone in Mona. this was a great year for Moon Ska.

9 David Lee Murphy Out With a Band MCA

This is here solely for Dust on the Bottle. I still have memories of going to a dance back in my hometown years after this came out and the floor shaking from everyone singing along to it.

10 Weezer Weezer (Blue Album) DGC

I'm not even that big of a Weezer fan, but it's hard not to sing along to Say it Ain't So every time it's played.



Rank Book Title Author Impression
1 Catherine, Called Birdy Karen Cushman

I liked this historical fiction novel about a medieval girl not wanting to get married.



Rank Movie Title Impression
1 The Lion King

Easily the movie I watched the most in my life. I think my sister and I watched it everyday one summer much to my cousin's annoyance. So much so, that I could probably still quote every line in the movie.

2 The Crow

It can't rain all the time.

3 Léon: The Professional

Natalie Portman's debut is a great one.

4 Pulp Fiction

The one Tarantino film that still holds up well after many viewings.

5 The Shawshank Redemption

The highest rated film on imdb is there for a reason. One of the greatest.


Video Games

Rank Game Title Developer Impression
1 Beneath a Steel Sky Revolution Software

A classic dystopian sci-fi story that holds up super well with a great sidekick and setting.

2 Sonic 3 & Knuckles Sega

The last of the genesis games featured the novel ability to stack the cartridges on top of each other to make a complete game. Together, they make one of the best Sonic games of a all-time.

3 Road Rash Electronic Arts

A racing game that rewarded you for hitting other racers and running over pedestrians along with cheesy FMV. I played this so much as a kid.

4 Final Fantasy VI Square

The last of the SNES final fantasies and features one of the best antagonists in the series Kefka.

5 Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon Access Software

Tex Murphy is one of the few FMV games from the 90's where the acting still holds up today. The game is a bit difficult to navigate, but the cheesy dad jokes make it all worth it.