My oldest memories are from this year, flying on the plane and being in the hospital for the birth of my sister.


1987 is the first year of memories for music so there will be some children's music on the list and since I grew up in rural Nova Scotia, some country as well.

Rank Album Artist Title Label Impression
1 Sharon, Lois & Bram Stay Tuned Elephant Records

I think this is the first cassette I ever owned.

2 Blue Rodeo Outskirts Risqué Disque

Try always used to make me feel sad when it would come on the radio.

3 George Strait Ocean Front Property MCA

My knowledge of American geography was better than my knowledge of literary techniques as a kid since it bothered me that the song was about ocean front property in Arizona.

4 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Hold On Warner Bros. Nashville

The one with Fishin' in the Dark on it.

5 Randy Travis Always & Forever Warner Bros. Nashville

I still think Forever and Ever, Amen is a sweet love song.



Rank Book Title Author Impression
1 Dead on Target Franklin W. Dixon

The Hardy Boys was my favorite series as a kid with the first few Casefiles books being favorites. I think I must have read over a hundred of them. I haven't really returned to them without a nostalgic lens, but they were so monumental to my childhood they're ranked highly here.

2 Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes began appearing in newspapers in 1985, but was first released as a collection in a book in 1987. It's hard to express how great Calvin and Hobbes is. I can't believe it was ever a comic strip in a newspaper.

3 A Handful of Time Kit Pearson

Great book from a classic Canadian children's author.

4 Hatchet Gary Paulsen

Another great children's book, this one about surviving in the Canadian wilderness.

5 Watchmen Alan Moore

A classic graphic novel.



More 80's greatness.

Rank Movie Title Impression
1 The Princess Bride

Endlessly quotable.

2 Broadcast News

I didn't see this movie until recently. Holly Hunter absolutely blew me away and I'm happy that I'm still finding great 80's movies.

3 Robocop

The only cop I trust.

4 Predator

A few problematic lines, but a film with two former American governors that is still a classic in my books.

5 Full Metal Jacket

A classic anti-war movie.


Video Games

Rank Game Title Developer Impression
1 Maniac Mansion Lucasfilm Games

It's one of my least favorite LucasArts adventure games since it's still possible to die in this one, but it's the birth of the SCUMM engine so it's still a classic.

2 Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Sierra On-Line

Likewise, the first Leisure Suit Larry game is not really that good, but it's the only Sierra series from the 80's that I enjoy.