Homepage of Jim Parks

Why did you make this website?

I don't have much of a presence on traditional social media platforms, but I wanted to have a place on the internet to point people towards if they wanted to learn more about me.

What is Neocities and why is your website so ugly?

I've chosen Neocities as a location for my website because I have a lot of nostalgia for websites in the style of late 90's Geocities / Angelfire homepages that I spent a lot of time exploring when I first experienced the internet. I also miss the decentralization and DIY sensibility that feels lacking in the modern internet where people spend most of their time posting on a very tiny amount of websites that do not permit or encourage creative web design. Hence, I've tried to recreate that aesthetic by writing the code for this website from scratch.

Why Bros Get Stoked?

I've had a few different online aliases for user names over the years, but Bros Get Stoked is the one that I've used consistently for the past ten years. The origin of the name comes from a discussion with a former roommate around potential job positions for him at the time. One such position he was considering was seeking an "event hype person" with job responsibilities that essentially reduced to "getting bros stoked". He never got the job, but I took inspiration and wrote a song about it, and subsequently started using it as my online alias.